Debt Management

Sally Bernard with Advantage Financial Group of Kearney is an asset to any person who thinks they are financially inept.  I went to her for my free consultation feeling totally dejected and thinking we were going to lose our home and have to file for bankruptcy.  By the time I left less than an hour later I was feeling confident that I had made the right decision going to her for help.  She made me feel comfortable right off the bat and explained the whys to my how comes in terms that did not make me feel stupid or like I was getting a lecture from my mother.  She figured out what we needed to be paying first and how to accomplish that without feeling totally broke each week.  I am also feeling more confident with my checkbook each week and look forward to the balancing game when my statements come out.  She doesn’t just tell me what to pay when, but why and how it helps me in the end.  I am not only getting all the bills paid, but I am learning a valuable lesson in finance and savings.  Sally has a great personality and knows her stuff.  If your finances are unstable or you just want some financial assistance..Advantage Financial Group is the place to go.

Thanks, Sara

I started with AFG a few months ago and in a small amount of time they taught me how to pay off 4 credit cards and a $700 bill at the Dr.’s office.  I have taken what AFG has taught me to heart and now follow it daily.  I am very impressed with the personal attention AFG gives me.  They know everyone by a first name and I love that.  I suggest Sally to all my friends that are in the financial state that I was in!

I am so thankful to AFG, Crystal

When we first met Sally, I was eight months pregnant, $20,000 in debt and living in a 450 square foot rental.  The sleepless night worrying about money was exhausting and compromising my impending parenthood, we were at our wits end.

When every other home lender said “NO” to a home loan, Sally showed us a way to purchase a very own home.

It’s been a long two years and several fanatic phone calls to Sally, but were happy and financially fit.  We have a nice home and managed to pay down our massive debt.  We even have a little left over to treat ourselves to something nice!

With all the financial troubles we’ve had it is so wonderful to have someone like Sally take a personal interest in our well being and even give us some tough love when needed.  I look forward in each of our meetings with Sally.  It’s like a “money” massage and I feel better knowing my money is being spent wisely!

Scott and GeGe, Kearney, NE

I just wanted you to know how much better I (we) feel with you helping us.  I haven’t felt this good mentally for a long time!  You are wonderful!  Thanks Again!

Shelly, Kearney, NE

When I was first told about the service that Advantage Financial Group offered I was hesitant and excited all at once.  Knowing that someone else would know how and where I spent my money was scary, but also knowing that I needed help was a comfort.  The very first time I saw AFG, Sally miraculously freed up $700.00.  I couldn’t believe it.  Where did that money come from?  AFG set me up on a strict budget, based on my income and my bills.  It was very hard at first, but ultimately AFG is teaching me to conserve and live with in my means.  Changing my spending habits is hard, but the discipline has pay off.  I will be paying off my first bill this month!  This is very exciting, because I never though it could happen.  Knowing I can pay them off is very gratifying and makes the AFG plan all worth while.  I highly recommend Advantage Financial Group to everyone.  Daily I tell someone of AFG’s service.  Sally is a very supportive & wonderful person.

Thank You, AFG!  Donna, Kearney, NE

Before contacting Advantage Financial Group, I was extremely overwhelmed with bills and financial situation.  I didn’t make enough money to pay all of my bills when they were due.  Most of the time I had to pick a couple of bills to pay & push the others back for another time.  The collection calls were depressing as well as my income.  It was to the point where I might lose everything if I didn’t make some changes soon.  I had heard about AFG, so decided to give it a try.  After being with them for about a year and a half, I am almost debt free!  With their encouragement, I even got up the courage to find a better job.  My life has turned completely around from where it was.  The collections calls are now non-existent and I even have a little extra money for fun things!  I know for a fact that if I had not gone into their office, I would have ended up losing everything, including my home.  Thanks to Sally’s excellent coaching, after years of struggling, I am finally learning how to handle my money in a more productive way.  Plus, she is helping me to rebuild my credit!  Thanks to Advantage Financial Group, I am learning to live debt free!  THANK YOU!!!!

Rebecca, Kearney, NE

Advantage Financial Group has been a blessing in my life.  I was ready to foreclose on my house or file bankruptcy.  Sally put me on a program that helped me see an end to the madness.  She showed me how to budget my money more effectively, which freed up money I didn’t realize I had.  She gave me a support system to hold me accountable for my needless spending.  I have now paid up my mortgage and have paid off several other debts.

Thank you, Michelle, Kearney, NE

My wife and I had struggled financially for most of our marriage. Often times, we wondered how it would feel to be “financially free”; however, financial freedom only seemed like somewhat of a dream until Sally Bernard and Advantage Financial Group. The road was not an easy one, but eventually became very rewarding.  Sally helped us change financial habits that we had acquired over those first 17 years of marriage.  For the past two years, Sally has been our accountability partner, continuing to lead us to that financial freedoam that we once only dreamed was possible.  Thank you Sally and Advantage Financial Group.

Kevin & Claressa, Kearney, NE