Debt To Prosperity Quiz

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Work It Out: Take the following quiz. It will help you determine your current financial situation. Answer the following questions Yes or No.

Credit Cards

1. Do you carry credit balances from month to month?Yes No
2. Do you have more than two credit cards with balances on them?Yes No
3. Have you ever paid one credit card with "cash advance" from another card?Yes No
4. If an offer comes in the mail offering you a "pre-approved" card with a low interest rate, do you usually take it?Yes No
5. Are you so close to the limit on your credit cards that you need to check the balances before you use them?Yes No
6. Are you unable to make anything more than the minimum payments on your credit cards?Yes No


7. Do you make car payments?Yes No
8. When your car is paid off, do you plan to trade it in for another new car?Yes No
9. Do you have more than five years left on your mortgage?Yes No
10. Have you ever taken a home-equity loan in order to pay off debt?Yes No

Other Debts

11. Do you have any student loans or personal loans?Yes No
12. Have you ever accepted a store credit card because they offered a 10 percent discount on your first purchase?Yes No
13. Have you been living paycheck to paycheck with no real chance to save or invest?Yes No
14. Have your utilities or telephone ever been turned off due to lack of payment?Yes No

The Emotional Toll

15. Are your finances causing problems in your relationships?Yes No
16. Have you considered talking a second job to pay off debt?Yes No
17. Do you lie awake at night worrying about money?Yes No
18. When you pay your bills, do you ever get a stomach ache or tension headache?Yes No
19. Do your creditors call you at home and work demanding payment?Yes No
20. Have you ever declared, or considered declaring, bankruptcy?Yes No