Our Great Company

Advantage Financial Group is a mortgage and debt management company that is owned and operated by Sally and Tommy Bernard. Their office is located in Kearney, but Advantage Financial Group serves the entire state of Nebraska. They offer a wide array of loan products to their customers. They provide first time home loans, second mortgages and refinances.

Additionally, in 2005, the company introduced a new debt management service. This service goes well beyond the spectrum of the loan consolidation process. Typical debt consolidation companies simply merge all debts into a single payment without addressing "real problems." Contrary to debt consolidation companies, Advantage Financial Group offers long-lasting financial solutions that help their customers identify causes of debt accumulation and hence real solutions.

Sally provides individual consultation to their customers, educating them about personal finance management and giving them tools to achieve lifelong financial freedom. This unique service entails empowering accountability that leads an increase of self-confidence and peace of mind.