AFG Solves Money Problems!

Advantage Financial Group's team will teach you how to:

  • Establish your - net worth, income, expenses, debt, etc.

  • Record, evaluate and direct the flow of money in your life.

  • Develop a flexible plan for spending, saving, and eliminating debt.

  • Enact small, systematic, daily changes to transform your life.

  • Make informed decisions about your finances based upon a greater understanding of your money.

  • Develop simple strategies that work every bit as soundly in bad times as in good times.

  • Succeed in the process of financial responsibility.

  • Define your goals.



  • Understanding the fundamentals of managing daily cash flow

  • Knowledge of the present state of your finances

  • Clear objectives of your future Money Mastery

  • Living debt free

  • Eliminate overspending

  • Integrate a reserve fund or savings plan

  • Confidence, skills and ability to start an investment program

  • Quality Living